Scarlet Ellie – Cum Assaulted By Son Over and Over


I got an awesome custom video request. He wrote me as follows “The premise of this video is a son repeatedly assaulting his mother with surprise huge cumshots, there will be a few different scenes where she gets covered with her son’s cum. The first scene starts from the son’s point of view, peeking into your room from inside your closet. You walk into the room and start to change your clothes. You try a few different tops and change bras, all in view of the closet. During this time your son makes a few noises, but you just dismiss them as the pet messing with stuff. Eventually you decide to check your closet for something to wear, you kinda announce to yourself that you are going to look in there. You open the door and exclaim in shock as you see your son and you cover yourself (you have some pants on but just a bra on top)…

Actors: Scarlet Ellie