Xev Bellringer – The Cocksucking Queen


You had been staring at Xev all night at the party, wanting her from afar. Just like you had at school. She was irresistible, sexy, and… was she actually talking to you? Flirting with you?? The way her mouth curled up into a smile as she moved closer. That ditsy, hot voice telling you just how much she enjoyed your eyes on her… But as soon as her hand reached out and touched your chest seductively, you lost control. The cup slipped from your hands and dowsed your front. Xev hurried you to a room secluded from the rest of the party, closed the door… and insisted it was her fault. That she had to clean you herself. Her hands found the buttons to your shirt and began to unclasp them. Her big tits looked amazing as she worked you over, smashed together in that tight pink bra. Before you knew it, she was kneeling in front of you, slowly rubbing your sticky, soaked pants… your thighs… closer and closer to your growing erection…

Actors: Xev Bellringer