Xev Bellringer – Wife Sucks Your Boss Off


Since you’re away on business, I invited one of your coworkers in for dinner. He says he works a few floors above you so I thought it’d only be courteous – do you know John? What?! he’s you’re boss?? He didn’t mention that…what’s wrong with my outfit honey? I needed to spruce myself up for dinner….and other things. Well you know how we talked about letting me have sex with…other men while you were on your business trips? I have that insatiable sexual appetite, playing with myself doesn’t help. You’ll let me suck John off?! Oh honey thank you so much, I love you! On one condition? You want to watch via video chat?? You’re boss won’t have a problem with that? That is so hot, honey, oh please tell me you’re going to stroke yourself for me while I suck your boss off!

Actors: Xev Bellringer