Xev Bellringer – A Holiday Family Affair


Did you see our cousins at dinner? Acting way too intimate for siblings… I mean, they were playing footsie under the table! They couldn’t be… doing it could they? It’d be like you and me having sex, can you imagine?! Oh man, I forgot that we have to share a bed. I hope you don’t mind, I can’t s1eep with a bra and pants on. It won’t be weird unless you make it weird… Goodnight. Dude, wake up! Do you hear that?? Who’s having sex? Oh…oh my God. It can’t be… our cousins. No no no…that’s so wrong, they’re related! You think it’s hot?! I guess it’s… no, we can’t think about that. C’mon we’re in the same bed, that’s not right. Just go to s1eep. Stop jiggling the bed…cut it out….what the heck is going on over here– OH MY GOD! Are you masturbating?! Why?? You shouldn’t, not while I’m so close. Oh no…don’t tell me that our cousins fucking turned you on. Just because they are doing it, doesn’t mean we should! Yes, ok, if you want me to admit it…it was pretty hot hearing them fucking. This is dangerous…what if you and I do something we’ll regret. I guess just touching wouldn’t be… so bad. Ohh my God, you’re rock hard, it feels so good in my hand. No no, don’t touch my pussy, I don’t know if–OHH! Yes… don’t stop….

Actors: Xev Bellringer