Xev Bellringer – A Bet’s A Bet


Here you are, alone with your hot little sister all weekend long. Too bad she’s such a bitch. Didn’t stop you from staring at her juicy ass while she chatted on the phone in her room. Sprawled out, poking it up in the air so you could see a glimpse of panties. She knew you sat in your room jerking off all day. Worst of all she knew you fantasized about HER. It was wrong, but your cock wants what it wants. And it wants her slutty mouth. She tried to tell you off after catching you perving on her, but you had enough of her bitchy attitude and took her phone. Your sister actually jumped on top of you, trying to get it back, her massive tits bouncing around in your face. You stuffed the phone down your pants and pinned HER on the bed, which pissed her off royally. Damn it felt good to finally be in control, pushing yourself against her body. She had no choice but to cooperate. Reluctantly, her hand slipped under your waistband. You noticed her shirt had hitched up above her nipples in the scuffle, which only made you harder. As soon as her hand bumped your swelling cock, your sister recoiled calling you a pervert. It was her fault for wiggling around, letting her boobs bounce out of her top, and for straddling you in the first place. You bet she liked touching it secretly, the slut. And you also bet she wouldn’t be able to guess the size of your dick, a wager she quickly took. If she was correct, you’d give her phone back and leave. But if she guessed wrong… she’d have to suck you off. Good thing you weren’t all the way hard when she felt it… she’d guess wrong, you knew it. And you’d finally get your slutty little sister to give you a blow job… and more.

Actors: Xev Bellringer