Xev Bellringer – Doctor’s Ball Draining Treatment


Oh my… I have never had a patient with an over active libido before. You can ejaculate how many times per minute??? Well I… I suppose we’ll just have to find an experimental treatment that’ll work. Let’s start with your vitals, I’m just going to FEEL you out a bit… Oh my, I should write that down… ‘Patient is already hard.’ And I really need to record ALL of your physical traits, especially THIS one. I seem to have forgotten my tape measure… I suppose I’ll just have to manage with my hand. Oh wow… you’re… PERFECTLY adequate. Is it hot in here?? You don’t mind if I just take off these clothes, do you. Now, let me check your testicl–OHH!!! Your balls are HUGE!! Are they full of– Oh my… well, there’s only one way to find out why they’re so BIG. I’m really going to have to get hands on… since you haven’t cum in SO long, we’re going to have to fix that. This is an experimental treatment after all. BUT… I’m going to have to tie you to the bed, as a precaution. Well, you see, I need to evaluate what turns you on just enough to make you ejaculate… Perhaps if I just rub myself, in these lacy panties against your erection… just like this….ohhh…… ye–OHHH MY!! That’s more than an ounce of CUM!! I need to record that. I better keep going, just to see how many times–OH! Again??? We’re making excellent progress! Well I… am obligated to find out what happens if I insert you into my… vagina. For science, of course… ohhh, yes. And maybe you shouldn’t cum inside of me, just so we know how much cu–OH!!! I better just… keep GOING, keep making you cum until you can’t!

Actors: Xev Bellringer