Xev Bellringer – I Pledge To Blow My Brother


How could the sorority ask me to do this?! And to record it for them to watch… to make sure I actually did it… to pledge myself to their house… by sucking my own brother off. No matter how wrong it was, I wouldn’t let a little hazing stand between me and the sorority. It wasn’t hard to turn him on. There’s no way he could refuse taking a shower with a hot chick… even if I’m his sister. All I needed was some bogus excuse to squeeze into that tiny, wet space with him. To flaunt my huge, soapy tits, to let him stare as the water ran off my hard nipples while the camera recorded every dirty move I made. He’s such a pervert, I knew it wouldn’t take much to excite him. I needed to keep pushing, to get closer. So I washed his chest for him… and his cock. As soon as my slippery, warm hands clenched his shaft, my brother could barely contain himself. He gave in. I wouldn’t let him savor this for long. Wrapping my lips around his throbbing manhood, I pumped my mouth up and down his shaft feverishly. He knew something was off, I was going too fast but I couldn’t let him back out now. I confessed about the camera, the pledge, everything… and buried his cock in my mouth before he could respond. Within seconds, I felt him swell, pull out and blow a thick load all over my face. Cum still dripping from my cheeks, I grabbed the camera and recorded the gooey evidence of my pledge… and I my brother’s face. He didn’t like that. In our struggle over the camera, we collapsed to the wet floor, my brother’s naked body on top of mine. He seemed to take some sick pleasure in sandwiching me against the ground, dangling the camera over my head. He was so strong, and so much bigger than me. There was no way I could get out from under him, no matter how much I pushed and heaved my body, my breasts bouncing against his chest. Was he getting hard again?! What a total pervert!! I sucked him off and this is how he repays me?? He pressed the record button on the device and slowly inched his rigid dick closer to my pussy. This was going too far… this wasn’t just a blow job anymore… this was what he always wanted. To fuck me senseless and re-watch the moment over and over and over again…

Actors: Xev Bellringer