Xev Bellringer – I’ve Had Bigger


Your new girlfriend knows just how to turn you on – her sexy, flirtatious voice inviting you over to her house, to sneak into her room and wait on her bed. But you can’t wait. You have to get a peek at her in the shower, wet and soapy, running her fingers over those nipples… and between her legs. She can’t hide that girly little smile when she catches you. Despite ruining the surprise. Her thick, soft body fills out the lingerie, even with those ample breasts spilling out of the bra as she giggles, showing off. But you can’t shake the thought… Someone else had bought it for her, had enjoyed her in it… had used her body. And the Magnum condoms you found in her drawer, the ones that were far too big for you… they belonged to HIS massive cock. She pushes you onto the bed – straddling, grinding your aching crotch. Your girlfriend playfully admits she’s been with loads of guys, seen all kinds of dicks. Somehow, all the cock she’s taken turns you on… The more she talks, the harder you get. And she notices. Her hand explores the rigid length of your manhood through the pants, measuring and comparing. He was bigger. MUCH bigger. You feel another swell of pressure in your crotch. She insists you take it out all of the way, for a better comparison. Her fingers touch and squeeze, and she realizes it was all turning you on. All of those cocks she’s pleased… and that’ve pleased her. Especially the ones bigger than yours. Biting her lip, she mounts you. Her big tits swing in your face as she whispers about what a slut she is. Your girlfriend is not the innocent flirt you thought she was… and she would prove it.

Actors: Xev Bellringer