Tara Tainton – Bring Your Son To Work Day: Mom’s A Jeans Model


Now, honey, remember that *mommy* is WORKING. So, you just have to sit there and be QUIET. Okay??

Just be good, wait patiently, I’ll be finished soon. All you have to do is watch what the photographer is taking pictures of… *mommy* will be wearing some different outfits, posing in different ways… just wait patiently, okay?

Now, SHH! I don’t want to hear about any “issue” that you have while I’m WORKING! You will wait until I’m finished, then you can tell me what in the world is going on!

((…WHAT!?! And now you want to COME on my…?!?!! And I thought ALL you needed was to just watch me come IN my panties!! …which is already asking WAY TOO MUCH OF YOUR *MOTHER*!!))

Actors: Tara Tainton