ImMeganLive – Mom Finds Son Tied Up By Bully


I’m the innocent Mom, but horny, and I find my son tied up by his bully with the key attached to his cock. I walk into the room and see my son standing with his hands tied and locked up behind the wall and completely naked… The thing is that the key to get him out is wrapped around his cock with a red cord. First, I ask him what happened….why are you naked? He tells me the bully at school came to visit him and did that to him. I feel bad and tell him I’m gonna help him. I ask him where the key is, he points down to his cock… I tell myself I can do it, just grab the key and be done with it… I go down to my knees. At start, I’m looking how to do it, really taking my time touching the key, then that doesn’t work, so I try touching the cord around the cock, then touch with my fingers, then with two hands, then stroking with two fingers, and finally stroke it with my hand! All this time I’m getting more excited (Throughout the handjob part I bite my lips and drool as I’m getting turned on) and try less to help him and more just to touch his cock. It doesn’t work son, maybe if I add something to make the skin less dry? Hold on! Maybe if I add saliva! I spit on his cock, and keep moving/stroking it. He really gets into it and he just cum all over my face some going in my mouth too! He feels bad and I tell him it’s ok I’m fine. Hmm maybe there is not enough saliva, maybe using my mouth will do it! I suck him off doing ahegao faces some of the time, don’t worry mommy will help you! I keep doing it for 2-3m with dirty talk mom/son, then he cum AGAIN in my mouth! I finally succeed in lubricating his cock enough and remove the key! His cum was the solution! Now that I helped him, I asked him to help mommy, she was way too horny now! So he lay down on the bed and I ride his cock big time. It was so good I couldn’t contain myself doing ahegao faces, crossed eyes and loud moaning, he made me cum real hard. Then I had to get his last load inside my mouth again, so I sucked him off again, so good, ahegao faces again thinking about all the cum that mommy is gonna taste again. I gave him a countdown from 10 to 1 to unload everything on my tongue!

Actors: ImMeganLive