Penny Barber – Very Inappropriate Afternoon With Mommy


You seem to have developed a big crush on Mommy. You can’t even watch me watering the lawn in my bikini without getting hard! You’re lucky that you have a Mommy that knows exactly what you need when this happens. I’ll use my big tits you love so much to make you as hard as possible before I give you a dreamy-eyed blowjob right in our back yard. Before you fuck me again, I want you to jerk off while you watch me masturbate until I squirt all over the lawn. Good boy! Now come here and fuck Mommy like she deserves for wearing her slutty bikinis in front of you all day. Do it all over my tits and face! Now put your cock away before the neighbors see it. We don’t want rumors to spread now, do we?

Actors: Penny Barber