Penny Barber – A Very Inappropriate Ride Home With Mommy


I’m parked over here, darling! Everyone else seems to have left, what took you so long? Oh my, you’re all sweaty and flushed. Do you like my new bikini? You asked me not to wear the one I had on earlier, so I changed. Did I make you hard again, sweetie? Get in the back seat and keep a look out and Mommy will help you come again. I’ll rub your hard-on all over my big tits before I see how much of it I can take in my mouth. This feels so naughty and is making Mommy so horny. Please fuck Mommy’s pussy in the back of our car! You can lose your virginity the same way Mommy did. After you give me a screaming orgasm, I let you decide pick where your cum goes again. In my coffee?! What is with you feeding me your cum today? I’ll do it because you fucked Mommy so well. Since my bikinis seem to give you so much trouble, how about I drive home naked?

Actors: Penny Barber