Penny Barber – Step-Mom Convinces You To Stay


What would you like to do tonight, sweetie? Don’t tell me you’re busy looking for a new place to live again! I spread my legs, flashing you my bare pussy, and tell you I’m going to give you several reasons to stay with Step-Mommy. I grab my vibrator and let you watch as I bring myself to a delicious orgasm right in front of you. You’d be hard-pressed to find a roommate who will strip naked for you and put on a sexy show with their pretty glass dildo. I tell you to take out your cock and stroke it while you watch me masturbate. Step-Mommy is always soooo horny, darling, and I can see how hard it’s making you. I get on my knees and stroke your perfect cock before sliding it between my soft lips. You finally agree to stay if you can fuck my eager wet pussy and I ride you to a screaming orgasm before you release your thick load inside Step-Mommy.

Actors: Penny Barber