Penny Barber – Mommy Takes Your Big Load


I keep finding your socks and underwear all stiff in the laundry, sweetie. Step-Mommy’s panties are NEVER sticky! I take them off in front of you, bending over and showing you my creamy pussy as I do and — oh wow! Since Step-Mommy was wrong, I’ll do any one thing you want. You take out your dick and tell me to give you a blowjob. Fascinated by your beautiful cock, I tease it with my hands, mouth, tits, and dirty panties, but I don’t make you cum. We have to finish the laundry, silly! As I load the machine with your dirty laundry, I crawl into to check if anything is missing and teasingly wiggle my round ass at you. Fed up, you take your dick back out and fuck me right there on the floor, half buried in the machine. I come surrounded by the scent of your sweat and semen on the laundry as you pound my pussy from behind. You finish by giving me a big wet cream pie. Now Step-Mommy has to clean two of your loads!

Actors: Penny Barber