Penny Barber – Mommy Makes You Miss The Bus


Where do you think you’re rushing off to? You know that Mommy has to help you take care of your libido before you go; otherwise you’ll just be getting humiliating erections all day! You try to hurry me up, but I really take my time playing with you, stroking your big, hard cock; sucking you to the point of orgasm over and over again; making you fuck my big, full Mommy tits; and even teasing my asshole and plugging myself with the biggest butt plug I own, just to make sure that your balls are really, truly drained before I send you off to school. You think you might still make it, but just as I let you explode in my mouth, you hear the familiar sound of an engine outside. Yep. Mommy definitely made you miss the bus. But at least we can get started on draining your balls for tomorrow, right sweetie?

Actors: Penny Barber