LittleRedheadLisa – Your Friends Hot Mom


You (Dan) arrive at your friends house to do some school work, your friends mom (me) answers and says he is running late from football practice. You sit in the kitchen while I clean around, posing and showing off to you, making you squirm. Then I ask you to help me put something away on a high shelf. As you reach up, I back up into you, my ass rubbing against your boner. You apologize, but I say its fine. I offer you a glass of water and ask if you need any help with your schoolwork. I bend down to look at the book, but my tit is right up in your face. You get nervous and I drop a pen, bending down to pick it, but also secretly take one of my tits out of your shirt, Pretending not to notice, I continue to help you, but now my nipple is right next to your face. You get even more nervous and spill your glass of water on yourself, I tell you not to worry, grab a towel and start wiping you down, saying I should put your pants in the dryer. I take off your pants and your dick smacks me in the face…